Rejuvenate Combo

  • Rejuvenate Combo

Rejuvenate Combo

The perfect combo to show your liver and your skin some love. Kinda of like a hand-in-glove situation.

No Ugly Detox is a delicious citrus Wellness Tonic with Choline, Prickly Pear and Vitamin E. All the good stuff you need to say "I'm sorry" to your liver.

No Ugly Skin is skincare on super-drive. A delicious pineapple Wellness Tonic that delivers 10,000mg of French marine collagen, 50mg of flavonoids and 64mg of Vitamin C in every bottle.  

Both are low in sugar and perfect for rejuvenating your body inside and out.  
24 Bottles Of Each - $169.00 AUD

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